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Gold-plated drone takes wing with bling

This super-luxurious and super-expensive DJI Phantom drone plated in gold will break your heart if it ever gets stuck in a tree.

The blingiest of drones.

Drones Direct

I have a list of things you can buy unnecessarily plated in gold: a skull armchair, a bulletproof baby car seat, a bicycle, a Segwheel. Now let's add a DJI Phantom 4 drone to that illustrious lustrous lineup. UK drone retailer Drones Direct offers the Phantom slathered up in 24-karat gold. If Donald Trump ever buys a drone, it will be this one.

The gold drone will set you back a pretty penny with a price tag of almost $25,000 (£19,999.97, AU$32,000). You could buy a couple dozen of the regular Phantoms for that price.

Drones Direct admits the gadget carries some extra weight thanks to the gold plating, but says it still has "outstanding performance." Let's face reality here. If you're buying a gold drone, you're not terribly worried about performance.

So what is the point of a gold-plated drone? For starters, it will make your drone-flying adventures more exciting since you will be sweating about crashing it or losing it on a inaccessible rooftop. There's a small chance it will impress people: "See that shiny dot in the sky? That's my drone. It's gold-plated. I'm special." It's the perfect way to show the world you have money to burn.