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Gold iPhone 5S was designed in Miami, says Conan O'Brien

In an exclusive new film, Conan reveals that the gold iPhone had a separate design team based where they revere bling.

The stylish designer of the gold iPhone 5s. Conan Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Gold is best.

You know that. I know that. But does everyone know that?

Raffi Zaharian would like to make sure that everyone knows that. He's the secretive designer of the gold iPhone 5S.

You don't know Zaharian? He's based in south Florida. He wears purple satin shirts. He also wears, I am told, satin Speedos.

He also wears a lot of gold.

Conan O'Brien is perturbed that you might have imagined some black-shirted Cupertino type had suddenly attained the Midas Touch.

No, no. In this exclusive video, he reveals that the team behind the gold design was actually based in Miami.

They worked with one motto in mind: gold is best.

Zaharian is an uncompromising sort. The sort, indeed, who populates Miami nightclubs in the VIP section.

His taste level is so exalted that he makes bling sing.

It may well be that the gold iPhone 5S will go down as his greatest achievement.

Well, other than managing to wear the sort of cologne that, while he lounges at Miami's Delano Hotel, can be smelled in Fort Lauderdale.