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Gold iPhone 5S back goes under the knife -- literally

New leak shows the gold color of what appears to be Apple's next iPhone getting scuffed up with a knife. Because why not?

Jailbreak Nation

The life of a prerelease iPhone is not an easy one. Not only do you get photographed inside and out, but you are also susceptible to being scratched by keys, pocket change, and now knives.

The latest rough handling comes from Jailbreak nation, which appears to be the latest in a series of sites to get its hands on the rear shell of what is almost certainly the backside of Apple's next iPhone. It's by no means the first, but has maybe gone the furthest to test how durable Apple's latest gold color holds up to some extreme abuse.

That takes the form of a knife scratch test, which scrapes up the back of the purported iPhone 5S to show how it holds up to cosmetic damage. Notably the test does not cover drops, something that could crack your screen, and possibly lead to a nonfunctional device.

You can watch the whole clip below: