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Gold-colored iPhone pictured alongside white, black models

The device appears to be the same size as the iPhone 5S, but comes with a champagne finish.

Will there soon be another iPhone color?
Will there soon be another iPhone color? CBS Interactive

The rumored gold iPhone has been pictured in a blog post out of Japan.

The Japanese publication Weekly Ascii on Thursday published photos of what it claims is the rumored gold iPhone. The device sits alongside the white and black iPhone 5 in the photos, and appears to be about the same size as that device. As reported, the gold iPhone is actually "champagne" color.

Apple has been reportedly working on several products for an expected September 10 event. The company is expected to announce new flagship models, to reportedly be called the iPhone 5S, as well as a cheaper option known as the iPhone 5C. More recently, reports cropped up suggesting Apple's iPhone 5S line would come with the standard black and white models, as well as a champagne-colored version.

For its part, Apple hasn't confirmed that it's even holding an event on September 10, let alone announcing new handsets. However, that images are now cropping up of the gold-colored iPhone seems to indicate the company is at least thinking about offering a new color option.

(Via Engadget)