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Goggles with a third eye

Rip-Curl Third Eye Goggle-Camera

Rip-Curl has come out with a goggle-camera combo for filming while you swim...sort of.

The Third Eye Goggle-Camera holds a small minicam that plugs into the analog input of a camcorder. It weighs about 60 grams, according to Rip-Curl specs, and is encased in shock-resistant aluminum and rubber.

As Gizmowatch points out, the casing is waterproof to 1 meter deep, but with the necessity for a camcorder connection, it's meant more for shallow water filming. You will still need your Fantasea casings for deep-sea photography or video recording.

The minicam has a high-resolution Sony CCD sensor, anti-fog screen, and interchangeable Essilor-BNL lenses for four different focus modes. Rip-Curl, however, does not specify what those modes actually are, or the megapixels of the CCD chip. The Third-Eye Goggle-Camera is available from Suneyes for about $702, and includes connection leads, microphone, battery housing, and a backpack to hold an accompanying camcorder.