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GoDaddy to drop neo-Nazi website after rant calling for death to Jews

The website, Radical Agenda, was created by Christopher Cantwell, the same guy that OkCupid banned for being a Nazi.


GoDaddy is the world's largest domain name registrar.


GoDaddy, the domain registry and web-hosting company, will drop a neo-Nazi website that recently posted a podcast that called for the death of Jews, Newsweek reported. The website, called Radical Agenda, was created by Christopher Cantwell, a neo-Nazi who'd previously been banned from the dating app OkCupid

GoDaddy said in a statement that the company generally does not take action that would "constitute censorship of content and that represents the exercise of freedom of speech and expression on the Internet." But the Radical Agenda's content "clearly crossed the line and encouraged and promoted violence."

"In instances where a site goes beyond the mere exercise of these freedoms, however, and crosses over to promoting, encouraging, or otherwise engaging in violence against any person, we will take action," GoDaddy said.

GoDaddy informed the Radical Agenda Thursday that it needed to move to another provider within 48 hours.