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GoDaddy quitter: My boss was stunned

Gwen Dean, who quit her job as a machine engineer during a Super Bowl ad, says her boss texted her and was shocked.

She's happy. Today Show screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Not everyone is lucky enough to quit their job live on TV in front of 100 million people.

Not everyone is brave, rude, or foolhardy enough either.

Still, machine engineer Gwen Dean decided to sit next to John Turturro during the Super Bowl and offer a little excitement to her boss, Ted.

It was said at the time that Ted had no idea she would do this. The only person who knew, other than the production team, was Dean's dad.

So what of the aftermath? Dean appeared on the "Today Show" to reveal all.

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"I got a text message," she said. Yes, from Ted.

It said: "I never want to see your self-promoting face again, you ingrate. THIS, after 18 years!"

Wait, no. In fact, Dean described it as "epic."

"It was: 'You've got to be kidding. Wow. You know, great commercial.' He was stunned and he was laughing his can off," she said.

How she knew he was laughing from a text, I am not sure. Perhaps Ted has strong emoji skills.

"I had been an engineer for 18 years and I somehow convinced my father that these were completely translatable skills to puppetry," she said.

It's touching that she needed to convince her dad, rather than, say, her bank manager. However, she has taken the leap to become a puppetmistress at Puppets By Gwen.

In a statement released through GoDaddy, she said: "I am listening to my inner-cheerleader."

I'm sure that everyone's inner-cheerleader is hopping up and down and cheering her on.

I wonder if she's going to work out her two weeks' notice.