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God of War studio teases what's next

Series of clips posted across social media sites hint at new IP.

Sony Santa Monica, the California development studio most recognized for its work on the God of War series, has teased its next project on social media.

The teaser gif, posted on the studio's official social media accounts, doesn't appear to directly reference its flagship series. It depicts a model of two legs mid-pirouette, with different parts of that image split across Twitter, Facebook, and NeoGAF.

Each image is tagged with the strap-line #takeastep. All three have been posted just days ahead of two major opportunities for news announcements. On Thursday, the 2015 Game Awards event will air on GameSpot, which its organizers say will feature 10 "world premieres." Days later, on Saturday, Sony will host its annual PlayStation Experience event in San Francisco, which organizers say will showcase more than 100 games.

Founded in 1999, Sony Santa Monica has worked on a range of games, such as the PS2 title Kinetica, but most of its output is collaborative work supporitng other studios on projects such as The Order 1886, Hohokum, Sound Shapes, Fat Princess, Pixeljunk Monsters and Flower. Its most recognizable work is the God of War series, which first launched in 2005.