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Goat fugitives go for ride-along in police car

A police officer turns to Facebook to reunite a charismatic pair of escaped goats with their family.

These goats didn't get away.

Belfast Police Department

Police officer Daniel Fitzpatrick's routine patrol Sunday in Belfast, Maine, got a bit hairy on Sunday.

The sergeant apprehended two goats on the loose and escorted the critters into the back of his patrol car. Then the police department sent out an alert on Facebook, seeking their owner.

Although Fitzpatrick enjoyed the adorable company, he was quickly running out of vegetables to feed the hungry pair. Fortunately, Louis and Mowgli were reunited with their family later that day after the owner's daughter saw the Facebook post.

Fitzpatrick took some selfies with his charges, who left plenty of hair in the back of the car.

"Perhaps in the next budget year we can inquire as to getting some patrol goats," the police department said in a Facebook update.

The Belfast police seem to be a very animal-oriented squad. Other recent Facebook posts include a lost dog (which is now home), a lost bunny (which is in good hands while they search for the owner) and an alert about "heavy moose traffic" on a local bridge.