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Goat Simulator's about to become World of Goatcraft

Baad-ass! A new patch for the game Goat Simulator adds a pseudo online multiplayer mode so you can headbutt and lick things with all of your pretend goat friends.

You've probably heard of Goat Simulator, the simulation game from Coffee Stain Studios that lets you lick, headbutt and otherwise cause goat-like chaos. As awesome as Goat Simulator is, the game is going to get even better on Thursday, when a patch will go live that transforms it into a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game simulator so you can pretend to be playing an MMO while pretending to be a goat.

Coffee Stain Studios revealed the patch on Monday with a video that shows just how absurd Goat MMO Simulator is going to be. The update will bring war between goat and sheep-kind, several quests, and new MMO classes where you can choose to be a warrior, rogue, magician, hunter and, strangely, a microwave. You read that right. You'll soon be able to run around as a goat-microwave hybrid, because why the heck not?

The update will go live on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux users on November 20. Coffee Stain Studios didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on when Android and iOS users might get the Goat MMO Simulator functionality added.

The magician goat class can do all sorts of tricks. For example, these cards blow up for maximum human destruction. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET