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Facebook fawns over suburban goat shopping for candy

The customers at one Oregon 7-Eleven are sometimes known to shop on all fours.

I've confessed my compulsion for convenience store shopping, and now we finally have video evidence I'm not alone. It turns out the local suburban 7-Eleven is also a favored location of at least one adorable goat. I guess it should be no surprise that other species, especially the be-gruffed, share my passion for junk food.

The above video was shot by Katelyn Lund at a 7-Eleven in a suburb of Portland, Oregon, and has already racked up over 4 million views and nearly 600 comments since she posted it on Facebook late last week.

The sweet of choice for a lost, hungry goat looking to escape the cold? Why, sour Skittles, of course. Goats are so weird.

"You should know she's not just about the Skittles," Lund told The Oregonian newspaper. "Ol' girl was pulling down all types of candy."

Lund later learned the goat had followed her owner down to the store for snacks. The story goes that the animal was waiting outside when Lund arrived on the scene, and it then forced its way in when Lund opened the door for herself.

"Honestly I didn't know how to handle a goat so I just let her," Lund said. "Everyone was hella nonchalant about her, and no one said anything to her."

Note to Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein: I'll be expecting a depiction of this scene on a future episode of "Portlandia."

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