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Goalmine lets you give the gift of mutual funds (podcast) enables users to purchase mutual funds as a gift for as little as $25 plus a $2.95 fulfillment fee. Larry Magid talks with its co-founder about the service.

Goalmine lets you pick a goal and am amount to give.

If you're looking for a last-minute holiday gift, consider something that never goes out of style. It's called money.

Of course you could just write a check or hand over a wad of bills but, aside from some people considering that tacky, chances are that it will be used right away and long forgotten.

Another option is to give someone a savings bond, a gift certificate for a micro-loan from Kiva or Microplace, or start them out with a mutual fund from Goalmine.

With Goalmine, you go to the site, select "Buy a GoalPack," pick a goal, such as education, home, baby, car, retirement, etc. and fill in details including the amount of the gift (minimum $25). In addition to the gift itself there is a fulfillment fee of $2.95 for a $25 gift or $3.95 for $100 or more.

The recipient must be over 18. It's a little more complicated, but it is possible for an adult to set up a Uniform Trust for Minors Account" (UMTA) if the funds are for a child.

For more about how the service works, I spoke with Rimmy Malhotra, chief investment officer of Gratio Capital, the parent company of

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