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Go to the dark side of debt with this $28,500 'Star Wars' watch

If spending all your money getting the coolest stuff during Force Friday didn't already leave you bankrupt, this high-end Empire-themed watch from Devon will.

Wear the kind of "Star Wars" watch that would impress the likes of Darth Vader. Devon

Just when you think it's impossible to spend more money on your favorite gear thanks to Force Friday, watchmaker Devon comes along and offers a pricey timepiece that you'd have to mortgage the Death Star to pay off.

For 500 lucky fans who have $28,500 (about £18,473, AU$40,183) burning a hole in their Darth Vader cloak, Devon debuted its "Star Wars" limited-edition watch.

You could buy a fleet of Millennium Falcon beds or an entire army of Sphero BB-8 droids for that kind of money.

Based on the Devon Thread 1 model, the watch has 350 individual parts, 313 electrical contacts, four glass-reinforced nylon belts (used in gauges on the original 747 aircraft) and four microstep motors. The watch also features an on-board microprocessor, multiple high-tech optical recognition cells, lubricant-free ruby bearings and a lithium-polymer cell that recharges wirelessly through an inductive charging tower.

The dark side is in the details of this luxury "Star Wars" watch. Devon

The intimidating watch measures 61.2mm (2.4 inches) wide by 66.3mm (2.6 inches) high by 22.1mm (0.87 of an inch) deep, and it's made from 316L stainless steel with a true black diamond-like coating. It also has a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens with bulletproof durability.

But the coolest elements on the watch are the "Star Wars" details like Darth Vader's helmet, a TIE Fighter wing, and an Imperial crest. The watch's existing belt system uses four motor covers that are created in green and red to resemble the details on Darth Vader's center console.

Plus the watch comes with limited-edition TIE Fighter cuff links to complete your suave yet geeky fashion statement.

Each "Star Wars" watch is packaged in a specially built box inspired by Darth Vader's TIE Fighter and will sell on Amazon and through authorized Devon retailers in America beginning in October 2015.

Granted, you'll have to sell all your priceless collectibles to afford this Devon "Star Wars" watch, but at least you'll always have the correct time in any galaxy.