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Go Network, AltaVista alter portal landscape

The Disney-Infoseek venture's strategy to take the portal concept beyond content aggregation gets going, and Compaq's strategy for AltaVista emerges with its acquisition of

The much-anticipated Disney-Infoseek joint portal makes its debut, as does its strategy to take the portal concept beyond mere content-aggregation. The launch doesn't have the desired effect on Infoseek's stock, however, which after a brief spike turns downward. Meanwhile, Compaq's acquisition of sheds some light on its plans for AltaVista.

Disney, Infoseek not afraid of competition
Executives from the two firms say the strength of the Disney brand offline and the features in the new Go Network will set it apart from other portals.

Compaq's AltaVista strategy emerges
news analysis It's been a long and winding road for AltaVista, but a direction for the once up-and-coming portal may finally be coming into view.

Infoseek, Disney go to work
The firms launch their much-anticipated Go Network in an effort to establish a new force in the portal business.

Infoseek drops after Go launch
update The firm's shares fall as much as 16 percent following its meteoric rise yesterday, following the launch of Infoseek-Disney's Go Network.