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Go Lego-crazy with Sugru adhesive

Sugru, an incredibly powerful adhesive rubber, might make you a believer in playing with dough again, especially if you're into Legos.

Lego reborn. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

If you're a regular reader of my Crave stories, you'll know I have a certain adoration (or perhaps borderline obsession) for Lego. As much as it pains me to admit it, the expensive building toy -- despite its many themes and innovative designs -- could use a little more flexibility. Sugru might just be the ticket to reach that architectural nirvana.

A silicone rubber that molds like Play-Doh and bonds to nearly anything, Sugru could greatly change the way people use Lego bricks, in my opinion. Why? Sugru lets you place Lego bricks nearly anywhere, acting as a kind of beacon of freedom for the Lego brick.

The fun video below demonstrates some of the innovative ways Sugru can enhance the impractical usefulness of Lego. For example, someone could make funky Lego jewelry by connecting several bricks together with the adhesive, or make a holder for the TV remote by bonding one brick to the TV and sticking another to the remote.

Another segment in the video shows how you could make disjointed "Toy Story"-esque dolls simply by connecting doll parts together with Lego and Sugru. Heck, you could even use Sugru and Lego to make a little Lens cap holder for your dSLR if you wanted to.

Sugru isn't really safe for kids to use on their own, but it's perfect for youthful minds trapped in adult bodies. The best part about Sugru, aside from the name, is that it isn't a permanent adhesive, and stays attached to a variety of surfaces, including glass. What would you build with Sugru and Lego?