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Gmail's task list can now be e-mailed

Gmail's task list can now be sent to friends, family, or contacts via e-mail. Previously your task list was stuck inside of Gmail, or other Google properties.

Google has enhanced the task feature that's integrated into Gmail and other Google products to let users share their lists with others. Gmail users can now choose to share an entire task list in a new e-mail message. Doing so transfers all of your tasks including information like due dates, and any tasks that have been completed which show up as being crossed out.

One thing to note is that this only works in Gmail, and not in other places where tasks can be found, including Google Calendar, the mobile version of Gmail, and on iGoogle. Although knowing Google, the e-mailing feature will make its way to each of these places soon enough.

Gmail tasks is the one and only feature to "graduate" from Gmail labs, which is Google's test bed for new and experimental features. The feature was launched in early December of last year, and graduated from labs last month. The rest of the labs-only features, including the 13 that were launched alongside the release of the labs program, continue to require user action to be enabled.

Gmail users can now e-mail a task list to someone else right through the tasks UI. CNET