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Gmail's contact manager now de-dupes en masse

E-mail service gets new option for de-duplicating contacts in bulk, a tool that makes it easier to consolidate an address book from your phone or another e-mail account.

Gmail's new merge tool can get rid of all your dupes at once. CNET

Gmail on Tuesday introduced a new feature that lets users remove every single duplicate contact entry at once. Previously, users had to go through their address book one at a time--a process that could be both tedious and time-consuming.

The new system runs a simple scan on your contacts, and provides a one-button solution that will merge the information for each contact. This is a non-destructive method, and the same that's carried out each time you run the normal duplicate checker. Contacts with multiple e-mail addresses just show up as the same contact in Gmail's auto-complete suggestions.

Google is promoting the new tool as a way to take contact lists that have been imported from elsewhere, including mobile phones or other e-mail services, and shrink them down into something more manageable. The company also says it was one of the top-requested features by its users.

The bulk de-duper comes some 10 months since the release of the original de-duper, a feature we were the first to report on in our six upcoming Gmail features story from January. Still missing from that list is HD video chat. However, those that made it include larger attachment sizes (which were quietly bumped up to 25MB in June), and a custom theme creator.