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Gmail Web interface now optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch

Gmail Web interface now optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch

Though the iPhone has had the ability to use Gmail accounts in its native email client since the device's inception, the Web-based interface for GMail remained awakward. Making heavy use of JavaScript (with which the iPhone is still a poor performer), the GMail interface was slow to render, difficult to navigate, and sometimes crashed the iPhone's Safari browser.

Google has now optimized GMail for MobileSafari, however, making it much easier to browse, read and compose messages from within the browser. This is a boon for two reasons: It allows a friend to quickly check Gmail on our iPhone without going through the process of creating a new Mail account that must be subsequently deleted; it allows iPod Touch users (who don't have access to a native Mail application without hacking their devices) comfortable GMail access.

In fact, the Web-based interface works better than the iPhone's native email client in some ways. It allows you to delete multiple messages simulataneously (a feature not yet offered by the iPhone's by checking those desired then tapping the "Delete" button at the bottom of the interface.