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Gmail for iOS now lets you pay friends (finally!) and snooze emails

Android users have been able to send and request money for over a year.

Taylor Martin/CNET

If you've been eagerly awaiting the day your iPhone's Gmail app would catch up with its Android counterpart, we've got good news for you. There's a new update rolling out now (spotted by 9to5Mac) that adds the ability to send and request money, and -- for procrastinators like me -- snooze messages to make them disappear for a while, then show up later as if they're brand new. The new update is Version 5.0.180422.

Here's our deep dive on all the new Gmail features, some of which arrived on April 25 and others that were slated for the weeks thereafter. 

iPhone and iPad users have been waiting a while for the send-money feature, though -- it arrived on Android in March 2017, well over a year ago.

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