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Gmail for Android gets a unified inbox at last

Now you can finally view all your email accounts together -- even the non-Gmail ones.

Gmail's new All Inboxes option view shows you all your mail from all your accounts. Google

Do you have more than one email address? These days, nearly everyone does -- and it's not uncommon to manage three, four or even more.

Unfortunately, for Android users relying on the stock Gmail app, multiple mail accounts means lots of extra tapping as you switch back and forth between them. While many a third-party email manager could organize everything in a single, unified inbox, Google's own app could not -- until now.

Gmail for Android now offers a unified inbox. Huzzah!

The new feature, which is part of an app update rolled out yesterday, gives you the option of viewing all your email in the same place -- a unified inbox. To do so, just tap Menu and choose All Inboxes.

This works with not just Gmail accounts, but also accounts from the likes of and Yahoo. What's more, the app now offers Conversation view for those accounts as well.

The Gmail app's Conversation view now works will all kinds of mail accounts, including Outlook, Yahoo, and POP/IMAP. Google

Gmail for Android also promises improved auto-complete capabilities when you perform a search.

OK, Google, you've figured out how to do it on Android; now how about a unified inbox for Web Gmail?