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GM keeps building cars on XP

The automaker tells BusinessWeek that it is considering skipping Windows Vista entirely and waiting for Windows 7.

Putting a dent into Microsoft's effort to resuscitate Windows Vista, carmaker General Motors says it is considering skipping the OS release entirely.

In an interview with BusinessWeek, GM technology chief Fred Killeen said that, for now, he's sticking with Windows XP.

"We're considering bypassing Vista and going straight to Windows 7," Killeen told the magazine. In particular, he pointed to the higher hardware requirements that would require many PCs in GM's fleet to be replaced. "By the time we'd replace them, Windows 7 might be ready anyway," he said.

Microsoft has said fairly little thus far about Windows 7. The company had said that it will arrive by 2010, although comments by Bill Gates in Miami last month suggested it might arrive sooner.