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Globalgig launches new mobile broadband plans, including 4G access

The mobile roaming broadband provider now offers three styles of SIM plan, including local and UK-based 4G, with regular data access now available internationally in 84 countries.


Globalgig, the mobile broadband provider with a focus on international roaming, now offers local and UK-based 4G access, as well as more than doubling the number of countries in its roaming roster, bringing the total to 84.

The company has also introduced a global access point name eliminating the need to change settings as you move from country to country.

Launched at the end of 2012, Globagig initially offered 3G access in three countries, upping that to 40 countries by March 2014.

The new offering sees the company change to three styles of plan, each offering different data tiers and all remaining post-paid with no lock-in contract. The 4G Flexi plan has 4G data for use in Australia via the Optus network, starting at 250MB for AU$4.99, up to 10GB for AU$50. The same SIM will work in a further 39 countries, either at AU$0.10 per MB or AU$0.25 per MB.

The Go Europe + USA runs from 250MB for AU$20 to 10GB for AU$100 and you can use the included data in Australia, the USA and a further 36 European counties. You can also roam in New Zealand and Hong Kong for an additional AU$0.25 per MB.

Finally the Go Global costs between AU$30 for 250MB up to AU$170 for 5GB, with the data able to be used in 70 different countries, with data access in 14 other areas available at AU$0.25 per MB. Full country details for all the three plans can be found on the Globalgig website.

The company now also offers a 'tri-SIM' that can work in regular-, mini- and nano-SIM mobile devices.

Globalgig GM James Boardman said that the local data was already a big component of the company, with "85 percent of total traffic happening in Australia".

"The whole reason we have the domestic side is because we want people to stay with us for a long time," Boardman said. "But the unique selling point is you've then got a SIM you can take internationally [and] under no circumstances can you ever be charged more than AU$0.25 per MB."

Boardman said that Globalgig would continue to work with parent company Voiamo to increase its roaming footprint around the world. "It's what we specialize in," he said.