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Glitches mar launch of Livescribe app store

In an e-mail to customers, Livescribe's chief executive apologizes for the problems and says the company is working on fixes that it can post in the coming days.

Livescribe's app store was meant to increase the appeal of its Pulse digital pen, however a number of glitches have instead led to frustrations for many users. Livescribe

Digital pen maker Livescribe acknowledged on Friday that the launch of an app store for its digital pen has led to a host of problems for many users, including issues that interfere with its main note-taking feature.

The start-up launched a long-awaited app store last month, hoping to boost the appeal of its Pulse smart pen. The store included a range of applications from free games, to language translators, to specialized programs such as a Torah-chanting tutor.

However, since the store launched in beta form on November 19, customers have been experiencing issues ranging from difficulties downloading the applications to problems with the core "paper replay" feature, including challenges transferring recordings to the PC.

In an e-mail, Livescribe CEO Jim Marggraff apologized for the issues and said the company is working on fixes.

"With this new software, we inadvertently introduced some bugs that compromised our platform's performance," Marggraff said in a letter to customers.

Here's the full text of his e-mail:

On November 19th, we launched the beta (test) version of our Application Store to provide access to free and fee-based smartpen applications for Pulse users. The changes that enabled our Application Store included substantial advancements to our entire platform, including the smartpen, PC and Mac Livescribe Desktop software, and Web services.

With this new software, we inadvertently introduced some bugs that compromised our platform's performance. I'm writing to sincerely apologize for these problems, and to provide an update on the progress we've made in addressing them.

While we have solved many of the major performance issues, we are still making improvements. Between now and Christmas, we will continue to deploy additional updates to improve occasional issues related to uploading larger-sized pencasts, downloading purchased applications, transferring audio from smartpens to the desktop, and installing new software.

We expect these enhancements to address most known issues and to substantially improve service.

Through this rollout, the support from our community to assist us in working through these issues has been critical and extremely helpful. Thank you for your guidance and patience. We're committed to your satisfaction, and to improving our communication as our global community continues to expand.

Please send any requests for assistance to our customer service team, reachable by phone (1-977-727-4239) or e-mail at

Happy Holidays,

Jim Marggraff, CEO

To get a sense of what the digital pen apps look like when things are working, here's a video I did last month.

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