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Glance shares screens, now with remote access for Macs

Share your screen with Macs and PCs using Glance.

One of the companies showing off their wares at today's Macworld Expo was Glance, a service that's been around since 2002 but only recently started edging into the Mac scene starting at last year's Expo. Glance serves up screen-sharing tools for consumers and private companies. Its claim to fame is its 100-at-a-time screen sharing service, which can be used for large conference sessions or digital seminars.

Today the company is launching its remote-control feature for Macs, which, like some other screen-sharing services including Yugma and WebEx, allows a participant to get control of another user's mouse and keyboard. The booth had four computers set up to a Glance session, and I watched as control was passed back and forth between the machines, which were a mix of Mac and Windows.

The company is marketing the new service as a way to help out on tech-support issues, although I was told that clients will also be able to use it to remotely access their own machine as long as they've got the conference link handy.

The consumer version of Glance comes in at $50 a month. More business-oriented clients can go for the corporate tier, which rings up at $119 a month and adds features like administrative controls and a purchase-by-the-session model that lets you only pay for the connections you need.

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