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GlamPhone ELLE No3: Alcatel does designer

Looking for a phone to match your glossy mag? Then take a peek at Alcatel's latest fashion phone offering, the GlamPhone ELLE No3

You wear the designer clothes, read the fashion magazines, now you just need a glam phone to complete your trendy lifestyle. Mobile manufacturers are going bonkers over fashion-centric handsets, so if you value your appearance, don't let yourself down with a stuffy, straight handset.

One of the latest styled-out mobile offerings is the Alcatel GlamPhone ELLE No3. This glossy slider phone comes in a variety of colours, including the white model pictured. These phones are so glitzy there's even silver detail on the casing and keypad, to add an extra touch of catwalk glamour to your calling device.

Alcatel hasn't ignored the phone's interface, adding rather kitsch icons, such as a lipstick and handbag. Feature-wise, the GlamPhone comes with an MP3 player, a 1.3-megapixel camera and an expandable microSD slot.

As you can see this isn't the most high-tech phone we've had our hands on, so avoid it if you're a gadget junkie, but if you're the type whose overnight bag includes a hairdryer then check it out. If ELLE isn't fashionable enough for you, however, you can always check out the LG Prada phone. -Andrew Lim