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Glam Media acquires fashion site StyleMob

The women's-focused blog advertising network and media company has acquired a small social-networking site devoted to "street fashion."

Women's-focused media and advertising company Glam Media has acquired StyleMob, a small social-media site consisting of a blog and some community features pertaining to fashion. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The rumor was first reported in Valleywag earlier on Thursday, where blogger Nicholas Carlson added that StyleMob's founders "weren't happy" about the acquisition. Glam Media recently raised significant venture funding and hinted that it would go in part toward purchasing smaller companies.

StyleMob, centered on "street fashion" rather than the runways of Paris and Milan, had already been a part of Glam's advertising network prior to the acquisition. As it turns out, the deal was actually closed earlier this year. "Glam Media did acquire StyleMob, a fashion social media site founded in early 2007. All three employees are now with Glam," Glam Media public relations director Caroline Hacker said in a statement. "Co-founder Adam Souzis was previously announced as executive director of Glam Labs, the technology research arm of Glam (on) February 4th."

Recent months have seen a number of acquisitions in the fashion-media start-up space, including some by women's blog network Sugar Inc. Glam, meanwhile, has stayed relatively mum on purchases, choosing instead to expand its advertising reach.