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Giving Tuesday: Your penance after Black Friday, Cyber Monday

In order to assuage your guilt, crowdfunding platform Razoo wants you to give to charities. Can this possibly catch on?

Will your generosity be inspired? Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Charities are businesses, too.

In order to keep the board members in tuxedos for fundraising dinners, they have to keep on sourcing money.

How beautiful, then, that Razoo -- which claims to be "the fastest growing crowdfunding platform for causes" -- is participating in a concept that the guilty side of you must find deeply persuasive.

The concept is Giving Tuesday.

Yes, these people want you to feel so thoroughly disgusted with yourself -- for yet again succumbing to commercial excess -- that you will donate some money to a charity of your choice.

And, lo, you can do it so easily through Razoo.

Razoo CEO Lesley Manford might well moonlight as a pained psychiatrist to the wealthy or a succulent presenter on QVC -- for she declared in a press release: "Most people complain about the hassles of Black Friday and Cyber Monday -- they actually love all the good feelings that come from giving. That's a win-win for everyone."

Just in case you haven't yet beaten your chest, sunk to your knees, and screamed: "Lord, please forgive me for my venal sins," Razoo has performed some research.

This obviously objective dive into people's soulful depths declares that donating to those in need is the third most popular choice of things that give people pleasure.

Yes, it comes third behind "Being In Love" and "Hugging My Children" -- which must mean that "Eating a Free Big Mac," "Rolling in Mud With a Naked Kate Moss" and "Punching Someone at Walmart, So That I Can Beat Them to a Half-Price Flat-Screen" were not among the options in the survey.

I know that when your hangover from Black Friday and Cyber Monday begins to recede, you will beat your brow and gleefully wish to contribute to those less fortunate than yourself.

That is, if you have any money left by then.