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Giving thanks for the turkey (fryer)

This roaster simulates the flavor and texture of a deep-fried turkey without the oil.

Mmmm...turkey. Hammacher Schlemmer

Before we hit the gift-giving holidays, we have to get through Thanksgiving and all that turkey. Just how are you preparing your meal this year? Hammacher Schlemmer recommends that you use Char-Broil's The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer.

The name is fairly descriptive--this is a turkey cooker that uses infrared technology in place of oil. So you get a healthier dinner without risking life and limb at the deep-fryer--but, it's not really a fryer, and some of the reviews at Amazon point out that if you're really looking for the taste of deep fried chicken, this roaster won't deliver.

On the other hand, it does cook up a succulent turkey in about half the time a traditional oven would take. There's no preheating time, and you can keep the heat out of the kitchen by setting up the roaster outside. The included meat thermometer lets you ensure that your meat is fully cooked to the proper temperature, and you will get a juicy bird to bring to the table.

The Big Easy runs on propane, so you'll need to pick up a tank and a spare---you'd hate to be caught turkey-less on the big day, right?