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Washing Machines

Giving Kenmore's smart washer and dryer a spin at CES 2018

Kenmore's Elite Smart top-load washer and companion dryer work with the Kenmore Smart app.

Meet Kenmore's latest laundry pair -- both work with Kenmore's Smart app.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Kenmore's Elite Smart top-load washer and Front Control dryer were first announced in December 2017. Now they're on display for the first time ever at CES 2018.

The 5-cubic-foot washer is supposed to be able to wash a "full-size" load of laundry in just 29 minutes. It also offers a Rugged cycle designed to handle bulky items like blankets with steam and a longer cleaning time. Its Direct Drive Motor is supposed to have six different wash movements, which change based on the specific cycle you choose. And, Kenmore says its cold water setting cleans your laundry just as well as  warm water.

The 7.3-cubic-foot dryer has an "EasyLoad" door that can open either from the top or the side -- whatever's easiest for you. 

But the big news is the new smart capabilities these models have via the related Kenmore Smart app. Up until this point, Kenmore's laundry appliances have had very limited smart functionality.

The Kenmore Elite Smart top-load washer and Front Control dryer cost $1,000 each and are available now (roughly £740 and AU$1,270 converted). 

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