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Giving credit to Microsoft

In response to the Perspectives column written by Rob Lemos, "What Linux can learn from Windows":

Thank you for a thoughtful commentary that actually gives Microsoft the credit they so genuinely deserve. As a network administrator for a small K-12 school district in Wyoming I am constantly reminded of how important user friendly products are to those I work with.

The teachers and staff in my own organization couldn't care any less about security; all they care about it getting their job done as efficiently as possible. I'm the one who cares about security because I know it threatens the productivity of everyone connected to our network.

The only people who have time to learn new technology are those who see a tangible advantage in sacrificing the time. We've got a handful of teachers like that in our district. The other 90 percent of them are too overworked with their jobs and balk at the idea of changing their computer systems or learning a new software package. When I evaluate a security product, the single most important thing is to make sure that it doesn't cause the user any loss of productivity.

Thanks for giving Microsoft the credit and pointing out one of the factors that drives their success.

Benjamin N. Hare
Worland, Wyoming