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Give your meat some tender(ized) loving care

The Impressor meat tenderizer uses a variety of steel attachments for several tenderizing tasks

Sky Mall
Anyone who has developed a knack for cooking good cuts of meat knows that tenderizing can make or break a really delicious meal. Some opt for the powdered varieties, but most go for the knobbly hammer that's most readily available.

More effective than the hammer, however, is the Impressor, the multiple-use tenderizer pictured here. It uses 60 stainless steel piercing blades in its mission to tenderize especially tough cuts, making it significantly more effective than the aforementioned meat mallet. It also includes separate pounding attachments so that you can flatten chicken breasts, infuse meats with spices, or crush whole cloves of garlic.

The boost in tenderizing power accompanies a corresponding higher price: $79. You can read more about it on Sky Mall's Web site.