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Give your iPod a 7-inch widescreen for $49.99 has the Memorex iFlip iPod dock/charger/widescreen LCD for $49.99. Shipping costs about $15, but you can get it back from a mail-in rebate.

Remember the Memorex iFlip from a couple months ago? It's an iPod dock that plays videos on its 7-inch widescreen LCD. It was $59.99 then, but has the iFlip on sale for $49.99. Plus, you can get back the cost of shipping (around $15) via a mail-in rebate.

The iFlip can dock, charge, and play most iPod models, though the 3G nano isn't listed among those that are compatible. You can watch videos and photos on the big screen or just listen to music through the built-in stereo speakers. The iFlip has dual headphone jacks so you can share the media goodness.

Granted, video quality ain't the best (check out CNET's review of the similar 8.4-inch model), but it beats squinting at your iPod's tiny screen. For 50 bucks, how can you go wrong?