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Give your DVR a storage boost

Western Digital releases TiVo-verified My DVR Expander that adds up to 1TB of storage to your digital video recorder.

Ever since I wrote about Apricorn's DVR Xpander, I've received many e-mails from readers asking about a similar unit for their TiVos. Today I have the answer.

Western Digital

Western Digital announced Wednesday its TiVo-verified My DVR Expander, which offers up to 1TB of storage capacity. The unit is designed to work with TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD digital video recorders. Apart from TiVo, it has also been tested to work with Scientific Atlanta's Explorer 8300 series DVRs, which includes the 8300, 8300 HD, 8300 MR, and 8300 HD-MR models.

The new expander allows you to instantly and conveniently increase your DVR's recording capacity by attaching the two using the high-speed eSATA connection. One terabyte of storage means about 100 hours of HD recording or about 400 hours of non-HD recording. The actual result, of course, varies depending on the level of compression.

While this is great news, I just wonder why Western Digital doesn't offer more storage space for the unit. The company has been offering 1.5TB and 2TB SATA hard drives for a while now, and just Monday the company announced the availability of a new low-power desktop hard drive.

The My DVR Expander is about the size of the WD My Book World Edition NAS server and comes in 500GB and 1TB versions. Choose carefully as you won't be able to replace the hard drive of the unit by yourself in case you want to increase the amount of storage later.

The new TiVo-verified My DVR Expander is available now and costs $200 for the 1TB version, and $129.99 for the 500GB version.