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MP3 Players

Give it a damn good thrashing: Qoolqee X3

Every once in a while, along comes an MP3 player that will bounce off the wall you throw it at. Unlike most expensive consumer electronics, the Qoolqee can really take a beating...

Most MP3 players shatter into shards of tastefully expensive translucent plastic when you bowl them into the gaping metal scoop of an earth digger. Not so the Qoolqee X3. This is an all-weather, all-terrain MP3 player about the size of a matchbook. It's perfect for the kind of person who wakes up covered in mud and bracken, with a vague memory of last night and a worryingly stained taxidermist's blade clenched in their hand. There's few scrambles across the heath this player can't survive.

If you fancy a bit of Coldplay to make the rain that important one degree more depressing -- the Qoolqee doesn't mind getting drenched. There's an integrated radio and support for MP3, ASF, Ogg Vorbis (Linux crusaders rejoice!) and WMA files. Battery life is around 10 hours, which gives you plenty of time in the great outdoors before you have to come in off the moors and have a nice cup of tea and a tetanus jab.

Unfortunately capacity is limited to an underwhelming 512MB, but at 28g and 40x50mm, it's hard to dislike this £60 tiny warrior. --CS