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Give Dad the Vantrue N2 Pro Dashcam for $135 (save $65)

Also great for Uber and Lyft drivers, the N2 Pro captures both front- and rear-facing video. Or get its compact counterpart for $55. Plus: The lowest prices anywhere on 23andMe DNA kits.


You can't tell from this angle, but the Vantrue N2 Pro has a second camera, one for keeping an eye on those pesky backseat passengers.


Still shopping for a Father's Day gift? Assuming nothing on the Cheapskate's top Father's Day gift list meets your fancy, how about a dashcam?

If you're new to the idea, check out Nicolas Towner's article on how to choose the right dashcam, which also lists the various benefits of owning one.

Of course, my main benefit is saving you money: The Vantrue N2 Pro is just $134.99 when you apply promo code CNETVTN2 at checkout. Regular price: $199.99. And according to CamelCamelCamel, it's never been priced below $185.

This would be a particularly good choice if Dad drives for Lyft and/or Uber, because the N2 Pro is not only a traditional front-facing dashcam, but also a rear-facing one. It has two cameras, and they can capture video simultaneously.

Both lenses are powered by Sony sensors, and both are enhanced by IR LEDs for recording at night.

Beyond that, the N2 Pro includes all the other dashcam features you'd want, including loop recording, collision detection and optional hard-wired motion detection.

It's BYO microSD card, though, so consider adding something like the 128GB Samsung EVO Plus for $28.99. (The N2 Pro supports cards up to 256GB.)

I haven't tried this particular model, and Brian Cooley looked only at the non-Pro Vantrue N2 is his article, Dashcams: Not just for Russia any more. But it earned a pretty impressive 4.3-star average from nearly 2,000 Amazon customers.

Don't necessarily need rear-facing video? The also-highly-rated Vantrue N1 Pro Mini dashcam is just $54.99 (save $25) with promo code CNETVTN1

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Bonus deal: Big savings on 23andMe DNA testing kits


Another potentially great Father's Day option, 23andMe's DNA testing kits have proven very popular with folks looking to trace their ancestry and/or identify genetic health risks.

Supplies are limited, but Cheapskate readers can get the 23andMe Personal Ancestry Kit for $74.99 with promo code CHPSKT23. Elsewhere it sells for $99.99.

The even better deal is the 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit for $129.99, again with promo code CHPSKT23. Price elsewhere: $199.99. In addition to the ancestry stuff, this kit provides over 85 DNA-based genetic health reports.

Want to learn more? Read CNET's guide to the best DNA testing kits for 2019.

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