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Giv Mobile rolls out $20 plan with 150MB data

The T-Mobile reseller debuts a new rate plan with unlimited talk, text and a small bucket of data.

Giv Mobile's now offering rate plans as low as $20 per month. Screen shot by Scott Webster/CNET

Giv Mobile has introduced its latest rate plan, a $20 monthly offering that gives no-contract customers unlimited talk, text and 150MB of 3G/4G data.

That's just the base rate. Giv also has plans ranging up to $65 per month with varying amounts of high-speed data. For $25 per month, subscribers can receive unlimited data, but it's throttled to 2G speeds.

In addition to the new rate plan, Giv has launched a Refer-A-Friend program to lure in new customers. Getting someone to drop your name when signing up scores you a free month of service.

Giv Mobile, which operates on the back of T-Mobile's network as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), also has a philanthropic agenda. The carrier donates 8 percent of every customer's monthly plan to one of dozens of charities.