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'Apple making a phone? They should stick to what they know!' Girt by CNET podcast 78

Streaming services pegged to hammer the nail in Pay TV's coffin by 2019, nine years of the iPhone and two very cool new VR experiences from around the world.


It's no secret that Aussies have fallen in love with the streaming video services currently on offer, but the sheer rate of growth they've experienced might be a bit of a shock -- certainly to the likes of Foxtel. Analyst firm Telsyte is predicting that by 2019 the number of SVOD subscribers will outstrip those forking out cash for Pay TV. And with only two seasons of "Game of Thrones" left to go, maybe it'll even come earlier.

This week marked the ninth year since the iPhone arrived, confusing and delighting in equal measure. We look at some of the rival phones it bested as well enjoying a sensible chuckle with some quotes from non-Apple executives at the time.

We still haven't found virtual reality's 'killer app' but maybe we're edging closer. Our US-based colleagues got to try out a full body Ghostbusters VR experience, completely with haptic feedback suits and even pumped in smells to enhance the experience. Diageo on the other hand has a more educational take on VR, working on a way to experience the horror of drunk driving with none of the danger.

Girt by CNET podcast 78

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