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'Knocking over a robot butler with a hockey stick': Girt by CNET podcast 77

This week, the team mop up the last morsels from E3, ponder the future of robot butlers and check in on Telstra's smart home ambitions. Plus, what's happening with the Australian RTX show?


So much happened at E3 2016, we decided to take one final look before moving on. This time we're checking out what left us cold (or shaking our heads in confusion at the sheer wildness of the fan reaction). Plus we wonder just how ready VR really is for a mainstream audience.

Elon Musk has warned us all about the impending robot apocalypse, so it's somewhat of a shock that the OpenAI group that he chairs is working on a robot butler. Well it's working on the algorithms involved -- the plan is to work with an off-the-self robot. Atlas perhaps? Coupled with Google's five AI laws, it's been an exciting week for artificial intelligence.

It's not quite a robot butler, but Telstra is getting into the smart home game. Come Christmas, it'll be offering a subscription style service complete with a suite of home automation gadgets. Is that what will get the average Aussie caring about the smart home?

Finally, after a successful show in January, the Rooster Teeth production crew have announced that they're coming back in 2017, with a new look RTX Sydney, promising to be bigger and better that before.

Girt by CNET Podcast 77

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