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'Unleash the power of data': The Girt By CNET Privacy Special

As Privacy Awareness week draws to a close, we check in on some of the big privacy topics affecting Australia and what it might mean, especially during an election year.


Well, another Privacy Awareness Week is drawing to a close and let's be honest: Did you even know it was on?

In the age of big data, privacy should be a central concern to anyone online, but Australia often seems quite blase about the whole shebang.

So for a special podcast of Girt by CNET, we've dropped the weekly news and we're looking at some of the privacy concerns we have, as well as a bigger look at the changes to the Census and how the Australian Bureau of Statistics will be collecting your data.

We'll also speak with the Australian Privacy Foundation about its 10-point privacy challenge issued to all political parties during the election cycle.

Girt by CNET podcast 73

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