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'The Man Who Would Be Satoshi': Girt by CNET podcast 71

The mysteries of Bitcon's founder, VPNs back on the menu, Optus and the EPL, Uber's equine protest and an interview with psychologist Phil Zimbardo of the Stanford Prison Experiment.


The mystery of who created Bitcoin was back in the news, with Craig Wright -- the person that Wired outed as the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto before backtracking -- coming forward to say that everyone was right after all. But his claims have already been disputed and the whole thing is now confusing as hell.

It's not the first time the Girt by CNET team have talked about VPNs and it won't be the last. Fans of geo-dodging would have been thrilled to see that the Productivity Commission has said "Consumer rights to circumvent geoblocks should be enshrined in the Copyright Act (1968)". Because that's gonna happen...

Optus is copping some pushback over its English Premier League deal, with hardcore fans less than enthused about having to be an Optus customer to watch their favourite sport. And news breaking after the episode was recorded has Foxtel fighting back with deals to broadcast six individual team channels.

Uber recently deployed a horse and buggy to take 15,000 printed complaints to the Queensland Government for its ridesharing laws. We liked it so much we gave it a Girtie of the Week, the award we totally didn't make up.

Starring Billy Cruddup, "The Stanford Prison Experiment" is out now on home entertainment and digital, looking at the real-world experiment that offered a terrifying insight into human nature. We chatted with Dr Phil Zimbardo, the man behind the infamous experiment, about what we can still learn from his work in the age of social media.

Girt by CNET podcast 71

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