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'Yahoooooooo!': Girt by CNET podcast 69

Netflix suffers from Aussie popularity, Yahoo's still sitting around with a price tag, Microsoft farewells the Xbox 360 and the rumour mill says hello to the Playstation 4.5.


A victim of its own success or just the natural evolution of a company hitting saturation levels? Netflix got an Apple-sized dose of 'investor skittishness' when, during a quarterly earnings call, it admitted that the subscription spike from Australia and New Zealand would be hard to replicate.

While Australian Netflix users stop and buff their nails with pride, we also take a quick look at the general state of play when it comes to the local streaming services.

It's no secret that Yahoo has been scouting for a buyer but the arrival of the Daily Mail as potential purchaser provided a slightly whiskey-tango-foxtrot moment. We offer a potted history of Yahoo from start to now.

Also on the chopping block is the Xbox 360, the previous-generation console which Microsoft has actually been manufacturing until recently. But never fear, the company is still supporting the 360 Live Servers, which Nic is amazed by and Seamus and Luke think is pretty standard. On the other hand, Sony looks like it's prepping a beefed up PS4 -- a PS4.5 if you will -- that may be codenamed the Playstation Neo.

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Girt by CNET podcast 69

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