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'Wear a Minnie Mouse Head!': Girt by CNET podcast 63

Twitter has itself a few Moments with Kanye West, the HTC Vive pricing gets the team hot under the collar and a special guest comes in to explain why 20 years of Pokemon is actually important.


Kanye West.


We tried talking about Twitter Moments, the new "interest aggregation" service from the social media mavens that's just arrived in Australia. But we barely understood what it's for and Kanye was just doing too many funny things on Twitter to really pay attention.

But we were paying attention to the HTC Vive pricing in Australia. We're super excited for VR and we want people to be using it as much as possible so that developers will make cool things for it. We're just not sure that getting people to fork out AU$1,400 for something that needs a high-end PC on top of it all is exactly what we're going for...

In happier news, Pokemon is celebrating 20 years of delighting children, mystifying adults and inspiring memes. CNET's own Pokemaniac Dan Van Boom joined the Girt crew to discuss Pokemon with Luke while everyone else got confused.

Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has made it to Australia, with some hands on sessions just ahead of its official launch.

Girt by CNET podcast 63

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