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'The sad monkey of failure': Girt by CNET podcast 48

Optus pinches the English Premier League from Foxtel, Apple works with American Express to get its contactless payment system up and running, and we talk about what rocked at PAX Australia.

Optus has declared its intention to be a "mobile-led multimedia company" and planted its flag firmly in the sporting field. Hot from offering free live cricket streaming to select customers, the company has outbid Foxtel for the broadcast and digital rights for the English Premier League.

It's a bold move that's opened up a lot of questions (like who's going to be able to watch it and how) but Optus followed that trick with another: Home broadband via 4G. Previously often prohibitively expensive, Optus offers 50GB for AU$70 and is targeting renters and regional people who may have had issues with getting fixed line broadband.

Apple's contactless payment, Apple Pay, is on the way to Australia thanks to a deal with American Express. While Aussies are pretty familiar with tap payments, the Apple service will bring payments to the wrist of anyone with an Apple Watch, and it's due to arrive this year.

PAX Australia ran from October 30 to November 1 and was a cavalcade of gaming fun and geek culture. The Girt by CNET team run through their show picks with special attention on the incredible VR experiences on display.

Girt by CNET podcast 48

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