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Blistering 4G speeds, a casual approach to tax and iOS 9 (Girt by CNET podcast 42)

Telstra and Optus upgrade their 4G to ludicrous speed, the ATO says "please" when it comes to GST from overseas companies and Apple adds a little something to the keyboard in iOS 9.

It's been a great week for any who likes fast mobile broadband and a terrible one for anyone who has a small data cap. Both Telstra and Optus have made changes to their 4G networks that will provide greatly improved speeds to the right device. How improved? Well, the new Telstra mobile hotspot from Netgear has a maximum speed of 600Mbps and has been seen by our own Claire Reilly hitting a download peak of 503Mbps.

What isn't likely to be quite so quick is the rate at which the now-Turnbull Government collects GST from overseas companies. A few weeks ago we looked at the impending removal of the "low value threshold" on goods and services purchased online, meaning that the GST would apply to all, not just those over AU$1,000. At the time we pondered how the ATO would collect this cash. Turns out, companies will be able to just hand it over voluntarily...

Voluntary isn't a word that applies to Apple OS updates, however. The latest is iOS 9 and it's bringing some pretty wild changes, such as a keyboard that has lower-case letters. We check out some of the less exciting updates as well.

Tesla is bringing its Powerwall home battery device to Australia. This lets you store electricity for later, be it from a solar panel or even from the grid in off-peak hours. There's no pricing yet, and rumours that Oasis will reform to change their hit song Wonderwall into the advertising jingle were made up entirely for this article.

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Girt by CNET Podcast 42

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