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EzyFlix closes, Fetch TV rolls over and a GST on online purchases looms (Girt by CNET podcast 39)

We bid a fond farewell to EzyFlix, the video download service everyone had totally heard of, as well as checking on TPG sending Fetch TV to live on a farm and the 'expanded GST' set to affect online purchases.

'Download to own' doesn't sound like a phrase with much wiggle room, does it? Well, with the demise of the two-year-old EzyFlix, customers have found that their 'owned' files weren't quite as permanent as they may have thought. It's been a complete debacle but was it the only casualty of the content wars, or just the first?

Speaking of casualties, the TPG takeover of iiNet hasn't even been finalised and there's already blood on the ground. iiNet has very quietly stopped offering Fetch TV for sale and there's not a lot of information about why. Don't panic though: It's still supported and other ISPs still have it on offer. But what this means for iiNet in general remains to be seen.

It got mooted back in April, but now its official: Come 2017 we'll be paying GST on goods and services bought online from overseas. Previously there was a AU$1,000 "low-value threshold," but no longer.

Finally, with Father's Day arriving, we take a fairly chaotic look at possible gifts for your Dad.

Girt by CNET podcast 39

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