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Quickflix's surprise moves, Uber's tax dues and all the Gamescom news (Girt by CNET podcast 37)

The grandfather of Aussie streaming services makes a move into China, Uber's under fire both locally and abroad and the Gamescom conference pops out some impressive announcements.

It's no secret that Quickflix, the elder statesman of video-on-demand streaming services in Australia, has of late suffered somewhat from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Its last earnings report painted a fairly dire picture, and it's quite apparent that rival Netflix launching in Australia hasn't helped.

But let it be said that Quickflix did rage, rage against the dying of the light. This week saw the company announce a surprising plan around acquiring an unnamed Chinese content company -- the Girt by CNET team try and unpack what it all means, along with a surprise payday for Channel 9.

Serial disrupter Uber has filed a Federal Court challenge saying that, heck no, UberX drivers don't need to pay GST! This is on the back of District Court case over in the US where three UberX drivers are making a legal challenge to be recognised as employees rather than contractors. Both cases could have big ramifications for the ride-sharing arm of the company and beyond.

But never mind that, because videogames exist. In fact they're so defiantly extant that there's yet another gaming conference dedicated to them -- Gamescom 2015 is happening over in Germany and we take a tiny look at just a few of the announcements that have been coming thick and fast.

Girt by CNET Podcast 37

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