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'Wintel' returns, Apple Music arrives, Aussie internet blocks and retail Oculus rocks (Girt by CNET podcast 30)

Are we on the brink of a new era of Windows and Intel dominance? Will Apple Music make money from music streaming? Is Australia's internet about to be filtered? Will we buy an Oculus in 2016? (The answer to all of the above is 'yes'.)

The Computex trade show in Taipei is done and dusted for another year, but there was some rather impressive stuff on show. Intel may not have had its new Skylake processors ready to roll, but it did demonstrate what it's been up to with the RealSense 3D camera and the Rezence wireless charging standard. Microsoft, meanwhile, had some never-before-seen Windows 10 devices from hardware partners. Plus there was a remote control submarine with a GoPro mount. What else do you need?

Not to be left out, Apple held its WWDC event where it surprised no one by revealing a streaming music service inventively called Apple Music. Leveraging its success with iTunes, Apple is bringing a tonne of experience and brand-awareness to bear on the music streaming market -- should the likes of Spotify and Pandora be worried? Let's just say that if they aren't alarmed, they should be alert.

Australia has moved one step forward towards getting an ISP-side internet filter, (except we're not allowed to call it that).

Finally, Oculus is ready for retail... sort of. The VR company has showed off its final retail iteration -- including some nifty new controllers -- as well as announcing a deal with Xbox One. And the E3 gaming convention hasn't even started yet!

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