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Spotify expands, Dallas Buyers Club schadenfreude, possible iPad Pro and the spectacle of Vivid Festival (Girt by CNET podcast 28)

The popular audio streaming service brings in a host of new features, Dallas Buyers Club is in its own copyright hot water, Apple might be looking at larger iPad Pro and Sydney's Vivid Festival kicks off.

Spotify, one of the world's most successful streaming music services (sorry Tidal) has revealed a whole host of new features, most of which begin life purely on iOS (giving Android users another reason to get uppity with Apple). The new look Spotify will have video, podcasts, even predictive playlists and special features for runners. But will it get people ready to stump up for the monthly subscription fee?

More fun from the Dallas Buyers Club vs. iiNET case, with iiNet offering pro-bono legal advice to any customers caught up in the sting. Even better for fans of colossal irony, Voltage Pictures -- the rights holder of "Dallas Buyers Club" -- has been caught in its own copyright snafu involving a certain Mr G. O. D. Zilla.

Apple rumours are regularly grist for the internet mill, but the one about the iPad Pro has a slightly truer ring to it. A 12-inch screen on a beefed up iPad, further blurring the lines between tablet and laptop? Well we liked it when it was called the Microsoft Surface, so let's see what Apple can do.

Finally, Vivid Festival gets under way in Sydney this weekend, offering over two weeks of fun events, great talks and smart art. We give you a quick run down on what to watch out for.

Girt by CNET podcast 28

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