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The movers and shakers of Aussie video streaming, Panasonic's secret weapon and the 'Netflix tax' (Girt by CNET podcast 27)

There's big rumblings across the whole video-on-demand landscape, Panasonic mixes Netflix appeal into its TV range and the Federal Budget adds GST to your online services on this week's Girt by CNET.

If content is king, then this week saw King Content scale a building and start slapping planes out of the air with gay abandon. Quickflix partners with Presto to re-sell the latter's streaming service, Netflix ranks Aussie ISPs, Stan calls firsties on an Apple TV app and SBS breaks up with Freeview. We unpack and break down all the news.

Panasonic also launched its home entertainment range into Australia, adding a very prominent Netflix button to the remote control for both TVs and selected Blu-ray players. The dedicated button was already in place on the electronics company's overseas models, but it's a big step in Australia. Will we ever see a Stan button?

Tuesday's Federal Budget didn't hold any surprises, but it did offering more details around the unfairly named "Netflix Tax" and what that's going to mean if you're buying good or services from overseas.

Finally, the Budget also offering massive tax breaks for small businesses -- we discuss what we'd spend our $20,ooo on, with a little help from Kogan...

Girt by CNET podcast 27

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