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Oculus on its way to retail, Tesla to power homes and Stan starts Aussie original content (Girt by CNET podcast 26)

Consumer VR headsets are finally on their way to retail, or at least will be by 2016, Tesla parks itself in your home and Stan kicks off local original content for Aussie viewers.

It was the end of 2012 when Oculus started shipping its Developer Kits to backers of its Kickstarter campaign, and since then it's been constantly iterating and upgrading. But what we haven't seen is a consumer version. Well, Oculus says that's finally coming at the start of 2016, but will other VR options be pipping it at the post?

Elon Musk -- the Hank Scorpio of the tech world -- has formally revealed his next Tesla initiative: a power storage battery for the home. It's clever, well-priced and already sold out until 2016. Would any of Australia's energy giants take kindly to something that can store electricity and save you money? We think they'll love it just as much as they love the idea of people living "off the grid."

Local video streaming service Stan is kicking off production on its first original show, "No Activity," having announced two others already in development. Original content is becoming a big strategy for the larger video on demand players, but is the time right for Stan to get involved locally?

Finally, Intel's tiny Compute Stick is out and about. A marvel of engineering, is it destined to be a hobbyist's dream like the Raspberry Pi, or a more serious look at the future of small client computing?

Girt by CNET podcast 26

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